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Emily is a female country mouse from the United States and one of the protagonists of the series. She loves skiing when she and Alexander are in Germany and Switzerland. In some foreign countries, she befriends big animals and is allergic to some things like a candle. She wears a red dress with a white apron on it, yellow knee-length pantalettes, white petticoat, brown button-up boots and a straw hat with a red ribbon tied in a bow around it. Occasionally she also carries a light yellow parasol with laces on the end.

In the beginning of "Those Amazing Mice in Their Flying Machines", she's shown to wear a yellow scarf tied to hold her hat on her head. She is one of the mice who have been taken by Maggie Magpie to the nest. In "Olympic Mice", she managed to crossdress with a fake mustache in order to be part of the Mouse Olympics. She also knows how to speak donkey according to the episode called "Trinidad Mousequerade".



Emily is a very timid, beautiful, kind and fun-loving mouse, whom lives in the country side, thus she is known to know alot about the country and the farm, she loves helping her fellow animals and helping humans aswell, though she dosn't like rats but she will give them a chance.