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No-Tail No-Goodnik

No-Tail No-Goodnik is a recurring main antagonist from The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures. As a rat thief who is considered to be a "Sworn Enemy" of Alexander and Emily, he travels to different countries and performs multiple schemes. He also does this by wearing disguises to attempt to fool others.


  • Despite being a main antagonist, he first appeared in "Those Amazing Mice in Their Flying Machines".
  • As his name suggests, he has no tail and often while he is disguised, he uses either an artificial tail, covers up the missing tail, or uses an item to attach to his body.
  • According to him, the two cousins constantly show up wherever he goes.


  • He is considered to be the "sneakiest and disgusting rat in the world", is selfish, rude, and beyond all, malicious.


  • season 1
    • [[Those Amazing Mice in Their Flying Machines]]
    • [[Adventure on The Orient Express]]
    • [[Imperial Mice of China]]
    • [[The Mystery of the Mouse Pharaoh's Tomb]]
    • [[The Ghost of Castle MacKenzie]]
    • [[Klondike Mice]]
  • season 2
    • [[Bicycle Mice]]
    • [[Mouse in the Mayan Moon]]
    • [[Solid Gold Mouse]]
    • [[Panama Mice]]
    • [[Three Mice and You're Out]]
    • Wild West Mice
    • [[White House Mouse]]
    • [[The Big Cheese]]
    • [[Siamese Mice]]
    • [[When Irish Mice are Smiling]]
    • [[Teddy Bear Mice]]
    • [[Olympic Mice]]
    • [[Trinidad Mousequerade]]
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